They may not have rippling abs or an hourglass figure, but Saw Dog Blades do have great bodies…

Meet the Saw Dog Blade: perfect for cutting multiple materials. These carbide-tipped blades are loaded with teeth for finish cuts you don’t have to sand! True to the Bad Dog mantra, Saw Dog Blades cut a variety of materials like solid surface materials, carbon fiber, melamine, laminate, cement siding (but not Masonry) and non-ferrous metals. Non-Ferrous metals include: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Zinc, and Tine (not for Steel or other metals that contain iron). Heck, they even cut wood. And Saw Dog Blades are perfect for cutting multiple materials at one time.


…the circular disc – or plate – that makes up the main component of a saw blade.
At the outer diameter of the plate are the teeth. This is where all the work gets done. Saw Dog Blades have loads of teeth made from T.C.T. (tungsten, carbide, and titanium), a super-hard alloy made for cutting other really hard materials. As you may have noticed, the teeth are set at angles to one another. There’s actually a method to the madness of that left, right, and center mounting pattern – it prevents kick-back, and that makes for safer cutting.
The third major part of a saw dog blade is the arbor hole. Sure, it’s just a hole, but that’s where the saw blade attaches to the saw, making it a critical piece. A good fit is crucial for maximum safety and best performance. Never install a saw blade that does not fit correctly on the tool on to which you are mounting it!
Available in 7-1/4″, 10″, and 12″ diameters, whether your project calls for a table saw, a miter saw, or a circular saw, there’s a Bad Dog Saw Dog Blade to fit that too.


We will repair or replace Saw Dog Blades under the Bad Dog Tool Lifetime Guarantee. Please return the Saw Dog Blades, along with the following for return shipping and handling:
7″ – $7
10″ – $10
12″ – $12

If sending via USPS:
Mail to PO Box 851
Bristol, RI 02809

If sending via UPS or FEDEX:
Send to 24 Broadcommon Rd
Bristol, RI 02809