Bad Dog Biter

Biter / Clamp How To

The Basics -  Our Tool, Your Drill, Anywhere you want to go...

Chuck up the Bad Dog Biter in any hand drill - corded or cordless - and it's instantly transformed into a sheet material cutting machine. Loosen the set-screws on the face of the tool 1/4 turn to enable the patented steerable heads, and cut patterns with ease.

Getting Started


Power Source: Any Hand Drill Corded or Cordless
Speed: 1,200 – 4,500 RPM - The faster the drill the faster the cutting speed
Cutting Opening Width:  1/8″
Maximum Thickness per Material:
Mild Steel* : 14 gauge
Stainless Steel* : 18 gauge
Brass/Copper/Aluminum : 14 gauge
Plastic & Fiberglass : 3/32″
Laminate & Veneer : 3/32″
*use on flat or corrugated stock/cutting oil is recommended for maximum blade life. Minimum cutting speed 2,000 RPM

Step by Step:
  1. One or both heads can be set to steerable
  2. Turn the screw 1/4 turn using allen wrench provided
  3. The Head should turn freely but still be snug. Lock Tite can be used to secure set screw.
Make sure you:
  • Bring drill to maximum RPM before cutting material
  • Keep speed constant while cutting
  • Don’t force Biter to cut faster

The Long Dog Biter allows you to reach material while being up to 6 inches away from it. - Perfect for working on the firewall in your car.
Also great for any kind of HVAC work where you need to make cuts but your tool will not fit into the duct work.

How to Change Biter Blade

1. Remove metal retaining clip (A).
2. Remove the plastic end cap (B).
3. Loosen lock nut (C) & remove attached set screw (D) with allen wrench.
4. Insert new blade (E) with indentation facing up while gently pushing old blade through and out.
5. Align indentation in center of blade block (F).
6. Replace set screw (D) into indentation in new blade..
7. Re-tighten lock nut (C)
8. Grease
9. Replace end cap (B) & retaining clip (A).


How DO I Cut ____ ?


What Materials Can A Biter Cut?

Mild Steel - Up to 14 gauge

Stainless Steel - Up to 18 gauge

Copper - Up to 14 gauge

Brass/Bronze - Up to 14 gauge

Aluminum - Up 14 gauge Use cutting lubricant

Acrylic & Plexiglass - Up to 1/8"

Fiberglass - Up to 1/8"

Wood Veneer - Up to 3/32"

Cork - Up to 1/8"


Laminate - Up to 1/8"

Leather - Up to 1/8"

Polystyrene - Up to 3/32"

Vinyl - Up to 1/8"

Formica - Up to 3/32"

Paper - Up to 1/8"

Fiberglass - Up to 1/8"

Plastic - Up to 1/8"


Biter Accessories


Biter Projects



The Body and Cutting Blades of the Bad Dog Biter is Guaranteed for life, if any of the internal parts, bearing, bushings, etc. fail we will repair or replace. Our new Cobalt Cutting Blades are also Guaranteed for life and can be replaced when they dull through out Lifetime Guarantee. Cutting heads are a wear part and must be replaced seperately - Each cutting head is good for about two blades when cutting steel.  

*Free Shipping to USA Only - Some Exclusions Apply