How To



Cut and Grind Almost Anything With One Wheel

The Bad Dog HDII uses 46 Grit Diamond Imbedded in a piece of Hardened Steel to Cut and Grind almost anything. Find the right size wheel for your tool or arbor and just start cutting and grinding. If you run into any issues, check out our FAQ section or call us at 1.800.252.1330.

What Can I Cut & Grind?

The HDII's surface is covered in 46 grit Diamond. It will cut almost everything you can put it up against Hard, or Soft - Natural or Synthetic. Here are some tips and guidelines on how to cut or grind specific materials. 

Go crazy, the HDII will cut and grind mild steel all day long. Works especially well on rust


Stainless is no problem for the HDII. If the wheel leaves a burr, remember that it has grinding



Works great on hard metal like Rebar, Welds, Hardened Bolts. Use the smaller wheels to cut off Hardened fasteners in hard to reach places.



These metals are soft and gummy and have a tendency to stick to the HDII. If you can, put some cutting oil on the wheel before starting. If not, use a concrete block as a dressing stone to remove stuck-on soft metal from the blade.



The HDII eats tile for breakfast even porcelain. You can use water to keep the tile cool, but it isn't necessary.


The HDII doesn't differentiate between stones and will cut all of the above. It could be useful to use water to keep the dust down.


The HDII cuts concrete and masonry like butter -  it's SUPER FAST - but it is also VERY DUSTY. Use a fan or water to control the dust. Remember you can also use Concrete Blocks as a dressing stone if the blade gums up in materials like aluminum.


The HDII can cut plastic and PVC without heat building up on the wheel and melting the material. It cuts very fast and with a fairly clean edge considering how course the wheel is.


WOOD - Grinding/Shaping
Because of its heat-insulating properties, the HDII CANNOT CUT WOOD. But it can grind and shape it. Just be aware of heat build-up or you might burn the surface.


The HDII is one of the few tools that can cut Radial Tires, powering through rubber and steel radials all at once. The wheel won't even get hot enough for the rubber to melt to its surface so you don't have to worry about build-up.

What Can't I Cut

The HDII is just too aggressive to leave a nice edge when cutting glass.

Wood - Cutting
Cutting wood builds up too much heat in the blade and can cause diamond to overheat and delaminate. Even when it gets the job done, the edges end up very burned. Try our Saw Dog Blades instead.


Will the HDII fit my grinder? The industry standard for grinders is as follows: Rotary Tools (Dremel TM) - 1/8" 3" - 1/4" 4" - 5/8" 4-1/2", 6", 7" - 7/8" arbor flange for a 5/8" coarse arbor shaft At Bad Dog, we find that an HDII with a 7/8" arbor flange runs truest because it is a more precise fit.  The 4-1/2" and 6" Flange wheel use the 5/8" Coarse thread which is standard on ALL grinders. Call us at 800.252.1330 if you have any questions.
What won't the HDII cut? Wood - It will shape wood well but burns when cutting. Glass - The HDII is too aggressive and leaves a jagged edge.
How long does the HDII last? Nothing lasts forever but we Guarantee the HDII for LIFE!
What if I break the HDII? We'll replace it - even if it's your fault!  Here's a link to the details of our Lifetime Guarantee.
How do I clean the HDII? Sometime when cutting softer metals like aluminum the HDII will "gum" up.  If this happens to you, simply run your HDII through a concrete block and it will be good as new.

Guaranteed For Life!

How can we Guarantee a Grinding Wheel for life? Truth is, most people in most situations won't wear it out. Our wheels have as much as 50x more diamond on them than other diamond cutting wheels. The HDII also has a durable steel core that won't shatter or explode like a fiberglass disc. In industries like Construction and Automotive, where the wheels get used an abused all day, we replace worn-out wheels for customers once or twice a year. The average DIYing homeowner or Backyard Mechanic probably won't wear one out in their Lifetime. 

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