Rover Bits How To


The Bad Dog Rover Bits is an aggressive bit - faster than a spade or paddle bit -  It will cut at any speed 400 - 2500 rpm. If you are drilling around corners make sure to never drill towards yourself.   If you run into any issues, please read on or call us at 1.800.252.1330.

Drilling Speeds


Wood & Wood Composite - 400-2500 RPM
Particle Board - 400-1,500 RPM
Carbon Fiber - 400-1,000 RPM
Fiberglass - 400-1,500 RPM
Solid Surface (Corian) - 800-1,000 RPM



Power Source: 1/2″ or 3/8″ Electric Hand Drill
Shank: Hex end for non-slip drilling
Minimum RPM: 400
Maximum RPM: 2,500

Note: Lower speed allows for more control

What Can I Drill?

The Rover Bit makes quick work of all woods, hard and soft. It leaves clean flat bottom holes.



From PVC board to composite decking, the Rover bit makes short work of plastics.


Fiber Glass

Rover bits drill clean holes in fiberglass with minimal blow out on the reverse of the material. You should always wear a mask when cutting fiberglass with any tool.


Corian/Solid Surface
Rover Bits are excellent for installing sinks and hardware in Solid Surface countertops. Drilling quick clean holes.


Carbon Fiber
Because they use the same carbide as our Multipurpose Drillbits Rover Bits will drill more holes in Carbon Fiber than other Forstner or Paddle bits. They will also leave clean holes without blowing out the back of the material.



Rover bits excel in melamine. Their side cutters bore through the surface coating quickly and cleanly.


What Cant I Drill?


The tips of a Bad Dog Rover Bit are too agressive to cut metal and will fracture if you try. A Rover Bit can in many cases cut through nails if they are encountered in another material but they should always be avoided since even if the bit can cut through it, there will almost always be damage done in the process. 



Like metal stone is too hard for the Bad Dog Rover Bit, even soft stones or concrete could have agregate in them that the bit will chip and fracture on. 


Tile will dull or chip a Rover Bit, especially hard tile like porcelain or glass. 


Remember to match your speeds and feeds.  Push harder when drilling fast to prevent burning the material. When drilling more slowly use less pressure to prevent the bit from binding up in the material.


Always set the point and start drilling before turning the bit in the material. Never start drilling with the bit on an angle the side cutters should never hit the material before the center point or the bit will try to 'walk' across it.


The bit will let you know when it is dull by cutting more slowly and burning the material. Remember sharpening is covered by your lifetime guarantee. Set it back to us and we'll get it taken care of for you.


If you're drilling anything that could have embedded nail make sure to spin the bit at at least 2000 rpm. While the bit is capable of drill through nails, it's not healthy for it long term. Never start on top of a nail and if you know for sure there is a nail in your path drill avoid it! If you do come across a nail don't try to change the direction of the bit mid-cut.


Bad Dog Rover Bits are Guaranteed For Life. If you dull or damage them send them back to us and we will resharpen or repair them.

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