About Us


Bad Dog Tools was incorporated in 1988 but the innovative thinking that has helped us develop a range of unique and patented tools was honed decades earlier in a machine shop in Connecticut making parts for helicopter rotors.  Now, a third generation is working side by side, ready to take Bad Dog forward using modern manufacturing technology but with an eye to the past.


The journey began with a flexible abrasive wheel called the “Handi Disc” which could cut, sand, and grind a myriad of materials.  With a focus on multipurpose, we added drill bits, saw blades, the patented BITER drill mounted sheet material cutter and more.  As material science and manufacturing technology evolves, we look back to improve and update. Case in point? The Handi Disc, once a fiberglass mesh blade, is now a steel blade impregnated with diamond.  Like the original Handi Disc, it’s still shatterproof and it can tackle anything from steel to masonry to PVC.


Developing new tools is at the heart of what we do at Bad Dog Tools.  So is talking to our customers.  Some of our best ideas have been the result of conversation with folks who call us or see us at some of the 250 trade shows in which we participate each year in industries ranging from Construction, to Agriculture, to Aviation, to Automobile.


Count on Bad Dog Tools for Tools so Good we Guarantee ‘em for LIFE!

Stop by the shop or any of the 250 trade shows we participate in each year. Catch a demo, chat with one of our knowledgeable sales staff and see what Bad Dog Tools is all about. And if you see us around in the Caddie, give us a honk and a wave!


24 Broadcommon Road

Bristol, RI 02809

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