Saw Dog Blades

THE BASICS: Carbide Finish Blade - Cuts materials through aluminum 

With 60 Teeth on 7 1/4" the Saw Dog Blade Cuts like a finish blade. It leaves a crisp edge on materials like melamine, hardwoods, and composite decking. Using the same Carbide as our Multipurpose drill bits it will also cut materials like aluminum, and solid surface. If you have a variable speed table saw our blade will run great at slower speeds too, though this isn't necessary.  This wheel IS NOT a metal cutting wheel, but it can handle wood with nails in them.  See the guide to the right for specific materials. If you run into any issues, please check out our troubleshooting section or call us at 1.800.252.1330.


Material Specific Tips


Saw Dog Blades leave clean crisp cuts in wood. Hard, Soft, and everything in-between.


Cut extruded and stock aluminum with the Saw Dog Blade, adding versatility to your saw. 

The surface coating of Melamine is notoriously fragile when cut. Saw Dog Blades slice through without disrupting it. Great for modifying flat-packed furniture.

Carbon Fiber is brittle when cut, and dulls out saw blades quick. The Saw Dog Blade will stay sharp longer, and won't chip or fracture the material. When the blade does dull, remember sharpening is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.


The density of teeth on Saw Dog Blades means you can cut brittle plastic sheets without chips or cracks.

The Saw Dog Blade cuts through Composite Decking and PVC Board like butter. Perfect for building a new deck this summer!

Cutting multiple materials at one time is where the Saw Dog Blade really excels. If your working on an exterior door frame with aluminum cladding, plastic supports, and a wood core there aren't many other blades that will get the job done!

Lifetime Guarantee Badge


Bad Dog Saw Dog Blades are guaranteed for life. Dull or Damage them we will replace or resharpen them.