Bad Dog Glider Template

Bad Dog Biter

Glider Project

This Glider Plane is a fun project to make on a lazy summer afternoon with your child or grandchild.

The Bad Dog Biter is easy to use and a very safe intro to tools for youngsters as the blade is encased in a cutting head keeping little fingers safe.

Downlooad and print a copy of the cutting template then follow the instuctions below to make your very own Glider



1. Using a glue stick, adhere the template to the veneer.


2. Secure veneer in a vise then cut the three pieces using the Bad Dog Biter


3. Then cut along dotted line on tail to slot. (Use one pass to do this.)  Using 7/16” drill bit, make hole where directed on temple then insert Biter to make slot for wings. (Again, use one pass to do this.)


4. Drill ¼” hole in nose where directed on template and secure ½” bolt and nut for counter weight.


5. Cut two ½” x 4” strips of felt to provide a secure fit for wings and tail.  Wrap one around tail (trim length to fit) and insert into body.  Fold second in half and insert in slot in fuselage. Trim if necessary as you should not have more than two layers of felt in the slot.  Slide the wings between the folded felt and center on the fuselage.


...Now you’re ready for take-off!

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