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BAD DOG TOOLS are sold across the USA in over 250 trade shows each year. Exhibiting at a variety of shows like the EAA Sun ‘N Fun Fly-In, the World of Concrete, The Woodworking Shows (national show circuit), SEMA, the NY National Boat Show, the LA County Fair and the International Security Conference illustrates the breadth of the appeal of Bad Dog Tools. These tools are equally at home cutting plugs in a home workshop, drilling out rivets in a local machine shop, or trimming down the conduit for an HVAC installation.

We’ve been thinking out of the (tool)box since the early 1980’s with the introduction of the Handi Disc flexible abrasive wheel. Wow! Cut, sand, grind, and sharpen with one 7″ blade that won’t shatter or explode. And we proved it during product demonstrations with a good swipe with a hammer. Onlookers gasped then took a set home.

But, seriously, why have a bunch of tools when one will do? You multi-task. Your tools should too! After the Handi Disc, came Multi-purpose drill bis that drill masonry, metals hard and soft, PVC, fiberglass, and more. Our Rover Bits not only drill wood vertically but cut horizontally, and our Biter Sheet Material Cutter weighs less than a pound, takes up a corner of your toolbox but turns your hand drill into a powerful double-headed, steerable nibbling tool. What’s even better? These unique and useful tools are backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and top-notch customer service support.

Before you know it, we had a whole range of carbide-based tools for drilling and cutting. In addition to selling the products, we really do use them for projects at home and around the shop. So the tweaking never stops! Over the years we’ve changed the angle of the carbide, stiffened shanks, experimented with anti-kickback designs, and more. “What if” is a question we ask ourselves a lot. We want our products to be the best and we have fun doing it. How many other companies do you know that have a 25-foot bull dog painted on the front of their building and run to the post office in a 1963 Cadillac convertible painted Bad Dog blue?

Perhaps it’s all that other fun that makes us so serious about our tools. Stop by the shop or any of the 250 trade shows we participate in each year. Catch a demo, chat with one of or knowledgeable sales staff and see what Bad Dog Tools is all about. And if you see us around in the Cadde, give us a toot and a wave!

Product support is available any time at www.baddogtools.com OR Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST at 1-800-252-1330

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