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The Versa-Clamp takes your hand drill out of your hands, turning it into a powerful driver for a host of useful tools. Pair the Versa-Clamp with the Bad Dog Biter or Handi Disc Flexible Abrasive Wheel (both sold separately). Also compatible with drill mounted apparatus like grinding stones, wire wheels, flappers discs, or sanding discs. NOT for use with tools that require guards or shields.


  • A. Double Collar Clamp A
  • B. Double Collar Clamp B
  • C. Platform
  • D. Allen Screw
  • E. Swivel Ball
  • F. Swivel
  • G. “C” Clamp
  • Loosen Allen Screw (E) to interchange Double Collar Clamp unit
  • Be sure “C” clamp (G) is securely tightened to work surface


The double collar clamp and the Bad Dog Biter can be used independent of the table mount for freehand work.
*Note: The double collar clamp must be securely fastened around the body of the drill, not the chuck.


Mount the Versa Clamp under the work surface and turn 90 degrees.
Use fence for perfectly straight cuts.


Soft rubber jaws protect delicate material and offer maximum holding power. Use the swivel ball to pivot the material to any angle. The Vise Clamp can be attached to the table so the “C” clamp (G) can be used to hold the material on the same plane as the work surface.

Life Time Guarantee

Please return the body of the biter, the serial number which can be found on the box , along with $5.00 USD for return shipping and handling.

If sending via USPS:
Mail to PO Box 851
Bristol, RI 02809

If sending via UPS or FEDEX:
Send to 24 Broadcommon Rd
Bristol, RI 02809



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