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BAD DOG Drill Bits The most versatile drill bits you can own!

Bad Dog Bits' unique tip design creates a filing action to burrow through hard materials like tempered and high-speed steel and still drill soft materials like aluminum and PVC without ripping them apart. Plus the Carbaloid tips resist fracture and stay sharper longer than conventional bits. They're SO DURABLE that they're GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! Drill any combination of materials with Bad Dog Bits. DO modify drilling speed to conform to drilling speed recommendations of the material in each layer. NOTE: DO NOT DRILL WITH AIR DRILL!

Multu-Purpose-Bit-Drils-Granite Multi-Purpose-Drill-Bits-and-Accessories Multi-Purpose-Drill-Bit-Through-Ball-Baring Multi-Purpose-Drill-Bit-Through-Masonry


DO use drill press (best) or heavy pressure on hand-drill to drill harder materials like tempered or high-speed steel. DO NOT drill pilot hole.


DO use "pulsing action" on trigger of drill to slow RPM down if necessary. DO use cutting lubricant like Bad Dog Drool to prevent blueing. DO NOT drill pilot hole.


DO use regular or hammer-action drill.DO use hammer-action where rebar or other metal is present. DO NOT drill pilot hole.


DO use hammer-action drill. DO use cutting lubricant like Bad Dog Drool. DO NOT drill pilot hole.


DO place tape over drilling area to help prevent chipping and cracking of material. DO NOT use hammer drill — material could chip or crack. DO NOT drill pilot hole.


The filing action of Bad Dog Bits is well-suited for drilling plastics. DO periodically clean shank of drill of debris to prevent clogging. DO NOT drill pilot hole.


DO use oil-based cutting lubricant like Bad Dog Drool. Water won't quench heat. Make small reservoir out of string or clay to hold lubricant in drilling area. DO drill pilot hold for faster drilling. Note: May increase chance of bit chipping. DO work on flat surface. DO NOT let body of drill (not drill bit) slide into and hit glass when bit exits hole.


DO use for rough drilling. Bad Dog Bits may leave a slightly rougher finish than conventional wood drill bits, particularly on soft wood. Consider Bad Dog Rover Bits for your woodworking projects. DO NOT drill pilot hole.



Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Bad Dog Drill Bits are covered by a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. We will repair or replace any Drill Bits that becomes dull or damaged.

Return the bit(s) along with $2.50 USD for the first Drill Bit, and $1 USD for each additional Bit for S&H. Multi-purpose drill bits can also be replaced in person at trade shows.

NOTE: Beginning January 2013 straight shank bits ½" and under will be replaced with our improved hex shank style.

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