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BAD DOG Biter ™

Two Heads are Better than One When it Comes to This Drill-Mounted Nibbler

Is it the sports car of nibblers? Maybe…It's light and compact and, where other cutting tools cut straight lines or curved lines, the Bad Dog Biter ™ can cut drag-race straight and make track-worthy turns with ease. Plus, there's no cords or hoses to get in the way so you get a sleek cutting machine that really will cut circles around anything else out there. Using PATENTED technology and, powered by your hand drill and a pair of powerful cutting heads, the Bad Dog Biter ™ drill-mounted sheet material cutter makes it easy to cut sheet material up to 1/8" thick. Like one Bad Dog Biter user said, "These puppies cut circles around other nibblers."

We couldn't have put it better!

Bad Dog Biter ™ United States Patent

Discover all you Can with the Bad Dog Biter ™
Bad-dog-biter-cuts-out-rust-on-car   Bad-Dog-Biter-cuts-copper-pipe   Bad-Dog-Biter-cuts-electrical-boxes   Bad-Dog-Biter-cuts-corrugated-plastic-and-metal-roof   
Bad-Dog-Biter-exacting-curved-and-straight-cuts-in-veneer   Bad-Dog-Biter-Cuts-any-metal-with-lubricant   Bad-Dog-Biter-Double-Headed-Nibbler

Two versions of the patented cutting head are available to match the required depth of cut to any application:

The Original Biter comes standard with a 2" cutting head which is perfect for every-day cutting like trimming flashing, removing rusted sheet metal from a fender, fitting laminate, or cutting sheet plastic. For those cuts that are just out of reach, pop on the Long Dog Head. A full 4" long, the Long Dog makes access to hard-to-reach places like the inside a fender to install marker lights or at awkward angles on the dash to install gauges or retrofitting ductwork hidden inside a ceiling easy. The Long Dog features the same 360° turning radius as the original Bad Dog Biter head.


  • Powered by a Hand Drill – no additional power source needed!
  • Light and compact: Fits in just a corner of your toolbox!
  • Cutting Heads Adjust 360° for easy cutting in even the tightest of spaces
  • Follow precise patterns with the Biter's patented steerable heads.
  • Cuts corrugated, Round or Flat materials up to 1/8" thick (varies by material)
  • Cuts any shape to 1/2" Radius
  • No Distortion of Material
  • No Dangerous Sparks
  • Two heads for twice the cutting time of single-headed nibbling tools


Paws for Some Important Information:

Non-Ferrous metals contain no iron. Some of these metals are among the most easily mined and figured prominently in ancient history. Though Non-Ferrous metals are much softer than ferrous metal, they can also present their own difficulties to the craftsperson. In certain circumstances, heat built up by the cutting tool can actually melt the metal which, in turn, gunks up the blade, rendering it useless. Whether cutting or drilling non-ferrous metals, Bad Dog always recommends using a cutting lubricant like Bad Dog Drool.


Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

The body of the Bad Dog Biter is covered by a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.

If this part should ever fail, simply return the Biter body, along with $5 S & H, and we will replace it.

Heads and blades are not covered by this warranty.

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