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Bad Dog Router Bits power through wood and more!

What's this dog got under his collar? Bad Dog Router Bits are made with the same quality carbide mixture as our Bad Dog Multi-purpose Drill Bits. Use Bad Dog Router Bit for wood, of course, but don't stop there...solid surface, soapstone, cultured marble and quartz surfaces can all be routed with these high quality bits. Plus our Router bits have an anti-kickback design that's usually found on bits costing $100's more – but what else would you expect from Bad Dog Tools?

Please call or email us for purchasing information.

General Tips and Safety Information
  • Always feed material against the rotation of the router bit
  • Always take appropriate precautions to ensure safe operation of handheld or installed in router table
  • Always wear safety goggles
  • Always take care, when working with router bits at slow speeds, to be sure the material you are working on is secure

Remember that sharper bits cut better. Router Bits have intricate cutting edges making them susceptible to chipping. Store your Bad Dog Router Bits in their custom designed carrying box. An occasional coating of light oil will prevent router bits from rusting. Carefully remove and rust with steel wool.

Using Bad Dog Router Bits on…


Use any router. If using an adjustable router, adjust speed depending on the hardness of the wood: The harder the wood, the slower the speed. Always feed WITH the grain of the wood. Going against the grain will cause the wood to chip.

Solid Surface

A variable speed router running at a slow speed (10,000 rpm +/-) is best for this material also known as Corian™, Surell™, and others. Cutting too fast might cause the edge to ripple. If you've never tackled this stuff before, practice on a scrap piece first!

Quarts, Soapstone, Cultured Marbel

For best results, use a variable speed router set to the slowest speed. Make narrow passes – about four to five where you would normally take one on a piece of wood. When using a router at slow speeds, be sure work piece is secure.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Bad Dog Router Bits are covered by a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will repair or replace any Router Bits that becomes dull or damaged.

Return the bit(s) along with $5 USD per Router Bit for S&H. Please note:

Weight constraints limit replacement of Router Bits to mail only. Sorry, they cannot be replaced at trade shows.

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