Bad Dog Versa Clamp – Multipurpose Clamping System


Want to make your Bad Dog Biter even more amazing?  Pair it with a Versa clamp. This interchangeable 3-piece system was designed for hands-free use of the Biter for more exacting work but works equally as well with other Bad Dog products and other workshop equipment. Fit the Versa Clamp collar around your hand drill, chuck up a 3” HDII in your hand drill to turn it into a mini-bench grinder. The Versa Clamp turns 360° making it the most versatile clamp you can have in your workshop.

  • Two included “c” attachments to clamp a variety of tools
  • Quick and easy to re-configure
  • 360° adjustability to use bench-top or bench-side
  • Rubber cushioning prevents surface damage
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