8 Piece Rover Bit Set on Work Bench
8 Piece Rover Bit Set on Work Bench
Bad Dog Rover Bit drilling Melamine and Solid Surface
Bad Dog Rover Bit cutting a quick mortise in wood
Rover Bit Cutting Solid Surface or Corian Counter Top
Bad Dog Rover Bit Using Patented side cutters to rove through wood
Rover Bit Starting on corner of board
Bad Dog Rover Bit using patented side cutters to start drilling a hole on an angle
8 Piece Rover Bit Set - Fast Cutting Forstner Bits

8 Piece Rover Bit Set – Fast Cutting Forstner Bits

The Bad Dog Rover Bits are woodworking bits that allow you to literally drill around corners. They are a modified Forstner Bit with special side cutters that allow you to change directions in the material and even cut sideways for quick mortises. The Rover Bit cuts with the speed of a spade bit but with the clean edges of a Forstner bit making it ideal for quick quality holes in soft materials like wood, composites, and plastics.

The cutting edges are made with the same carbide, cobalt, and titanium blend as our multipurpose drill bits our Rover Bits will even survive most impacts with nails and other common obstacles in wood.

The Bad Dog Rover Bit is perfect for running conduit through studs where you only have access to one side. Also perfect for any woodworking that require clean flat bottom holes.



  • Side cutters allow you to change directions while drilling – perfect for running conduit and pipe.
  • Center brad point makes starting easy
  • Not just for wood, Rover bits will chew through most soft materials, including composites and plastics
  • Cutting speed of a spade bit with the hole quality of a forstner bit
  • Lifetime Guarantee – Wear one out and we will replace it, No Questions Asked


Kit Includes:
¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, ¾”, ⅞”, 1″, 1⅛” and metal box

Great set for the DIY’er and hobby craftsperson.

Previously known as ROVER BIT “A” KIT 


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2 reviews for 8 Piece Rover Bit Set – Fast Cutting Forstner Bits

  1. Robert Weins

    Your tools are really great! Keep the great tools coming!

  2. Jon Thorne, TX

    Thank you for producing such wonderful tools and taking care of the broken ones!

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