Short Biter


Is it the sports car of nibblers? Maybe… It’s light. It’s compact. Where other cutting tools cut straight lines or curved lines, the Bad Dog Biter cuts drag-race straight and makes track-worth turns with ease. Powered by your hand drill and a pair of our patented cutting heads, the Bad Dog Biter makes it easy to cut sheet material up to 1/8″ thick. Plus, there are no cords or hoses to get in the way. Like one Bad Dog Biter user said, “These puppies cut circles around other nibblers”. We couldn’t have put it better. The Biter is your new favorite drill mounted sheet material cutter.

Kit includes aluminum Biter body complete with two steerable heads and a HSS blade, one spare HSS blade, one spare head, one spare set screw, combo-wrench for quick head change.
All packed in a durable, foam-lined metal toolbox.

Regular heads are 2″
Long biter heads are 4″


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  1. Mike Tollefson

    No instructions for assembly

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