Bikers Package

Bikers Package

Can’t Get to Daytona?
Check Out the $275 Biker’s Package:

  • Bad Dog Biter drill mounted Sheet Material Cutter:
    This patented and powerful drill accessory can handle sheet metal and even exhaust pipe to 14 gauge (Reg. $169.95)
  • Step Drill:
    Bad Dog’s put our own spin on this puppy so that it partners well with the Bad Dog Biter. Five steps from ¼” to 7/8” plus a hex shank so that it pops on and off an impact with ease. (Reg. $24.95)
  • Circle Cutter:
    Use with the Bad Dog Biter when you need exacting straight cuts or repeatable curves up to 6” in diameter. (Reg. $39.95)
  • 14 pc. Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bit set:
    USA Made to tackle metal, carbon fiber, masonry, PVC, and more. (Reg. $169.95)
  • 3” HDII with Double Dog Arbor:
    Sized and designed for a die grinder or hand drill and coated with abrasive grit on both sides and edge, it will have you cutting up a storm on metal, masonry and more. (Reg. $99.95 and $24.95)

Great for your garage or workshop, but compact enough to fit in your Saddlebags

$529.70 $275.00

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