7" HDII - ENDLESS Cutting + Grinding Wheel
7" HDII - ENDLESS Cutting + Grinding Wheel
7 inch HDII Grinding wheel cutting Cast Iron, Stone, Plastic, and Steel
Using a 7 in HDII Grinding Wheel to shape a stone
Bad Dog HDII Review Video preview image
Cutting PVC with a 7in Bad Dog HDII
Cutting stone with the 7 inch HDII Cutting and Grinding Wheel
7" HDII - ENDLESS Cutting + Grinding Wheel

7″ HDII – ENDLESS Cutting + Grinding Wheel

At 7″ in diameter this HDII cuts and grinds even faster.


  • Cut, Sand, and Grind with the same wheel.
  • Diamond is applied to the surface and edges for ultimate versatility.
  • Use on almost any material from Masonry to Metal, and PVC to Porcelain
  • 7″ wheel diameter drastically increases cutting speed, and reduces grinding time
  • Mount your wheel on a Bench Grinder or Circular Saw for even more versatility.
  • Safe! Steel core means the wheel won’t explode like a fiberglass wheel if it binds up when cutting
  • Lifetime guarantee. If you wear out or damage this wheel we will replace it, no questions asked
  • 7″ wheel comes with 7/8″ arbor and fits most 7″ Angle Grinders, Circular Saws, and Bench Grinders

Power Tools not included.


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