6″ Handi Disc II – Cutting Sanding Grinding Wheel

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The Handi Disc II is the ultimate cutting, sanding, and grinding wheel. The surface and edges of the wheel are covered with over 8 Karats of 46 grit diamond. At 10 on the Mohs scale Diamond wins every contest, put this wheel up against almost any material and it will cut, sand, or grind its way through. Use on Steel, Aluminum, Granite, Porcelain, Concrete, even soft materials like PVC and plastic without loading up the wheel. Need to cut rebar in a concrete wall? No problem, and you don’t have to worry about trashing your metal blade on the concrete. Grind down welds with ease, and remove heavy rust patches in seconds.

The 6″ Grinding wheel cuts even faster than the smaller wheels and the increased surface area speeds up grinding and sanding too!

The Handi Disc II is designed to be safe more than anything. The steel core wont shatter and explode like conventional fiberglass wheels if it binds up in a material.


  • Cut, Sand, and Grind with the same wheel. Diamond is applied to the surface and edges for ultimate versatility.
  • Use on almost any material material from masonry to metal, and pvc to porcelain
  • 6″ wheel diameter drastically increases cutting speed, and reduces grinding time
  • Covered in over 10 carats of 46 grit diamond for ultimate wear resistance – compared to less than a carat on most other diamond cutting wheels
  • Safe! Steel core means the wheel won’t explode like a fiber glass wheel if it binds up when cutting
  • Lifetime guarantee. If you wear out or damage this wheel we will replace it, no questions asked
  • 6″ wheel comes with 7/8 arbor and fits most angle grinders


POWERTOOL/Angle Grinder/Bench Grinder NOT INCLUDED



Through new manufacturing technology and advances in material science, we’ve put together a blade that is a worthy successor to the original Handi Disc Flexible Abrasive Wheel. The Handi Disc Deux can tackle a host of material removal operations. Just like the original Handi Disc, it cuts, sands, and grinds several materials including metal, masonry, plastic, stone, and more! But the new HDII is a rigidcoated 18 gauge steel blade available in 5 different diameters. The proprietary abrasive mix, which includes two ounces of synthetic diamond, is adhered to the blade in a unique pattern designed for optimum wear – without the use of water! The HDII is an awesome addition to your toolbox whether you’re a farmer, contractor, plumber, electrician, auto or motorcycle enthusiast, or a DIY’ing homeowner.

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Dull or damage the HDII body and we will replace it. Click here for details.

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$10 Flat Rate Shipping in the Continental United States. Exceptions include Single/Loose Drill Bits, Single/Loose Router Bits and Saw Dog Blades. Additional exclusions may apply.

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Don't love your HDII? Return it in 60 days for your money back.


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