4.5″ Handi Disk II Flange – Flush Grinding and Cutting Wheel

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The HDII Flange takes the legendary Hands Disc cutting, sanding, and grinding wheel and makes it even better. The flange attachment allows the HDII to be used FLUSH for GRINDING and SANDING to Grind down welds, remove bondo, and sanding flat a concrete pad. The Flange adaptor screws onto any standard 5/8-11 grinder spindle. Just like the standard HDII, the surface and edges of the wheel are covered with over six carats of 46 grit diamond. At ten on the Mohs scale diamond wins every contest! Put the HDII up against almost any material and it will CUT, SAND, or FLUSH GRIND its way through. Use on Steel, Aluminum, Granite, Porcelain, Concrete, even soft materials like PVC and plastic without loading up the wheel.

More than anything,the Handi Disc II is designed to be safe. The steel core won’t shatter and explode like conventional fiberglass wheels.

CUT, SAND, AND FLUSH GRIND with the same wheel. Diamond is applied to the surface and edges for ultimate versatility.
Use on almost any material material from masonry to metal, and pvc to porcelain
Covered in 46 grit diamond for ultimate wear resistance
Safe! Steel core means the wheel won’t explode like a fiber glass wheel if it binds up when cutting
Lifetime guarantee. If you wear out or damage this wheel we will replace it, no questions asked
5/8-11 thread flange threads onto almost any grinders spindle.

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2 reviews for 4.5″ Handi Disk II Flange – Flush Grinding and Cutting Wheel

  1. Larry Fox

    This thing cuts everything, it’s one bad blade, and it’s tougher than nails

  2. Jon

    Unreal how this thing cuts grinds steel stone Concreate tile. My tile guy a gave him one to use he could not be leave it. He said he is ordering the wheel. I picked two of them up at a wood working show.

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