"I’ve cut hundreds of feet of steel for projects. Grinded hundreds of welds. Cut stone and concrete blocks without issue! Best cutting tool you can buy!! Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Saved so much over the old style cutoff wheels"

-A Happy Bad Dog Tools Customer

Lifetime Guaranteed Badge


Wear it out? In the unlikely event that you do, the HDII is guaranteed for life!
Please return the worn out HDII, along with $10.00 USD for return shipping and handling.

If sending via USPS:
Mail to PO Box 851
Bristol, RI 02809

If sending via UPS or FEDEX:
Send to 24 Broadcommon Rd
Bristol, RI 02809


Through new manufacturing technology and advances in material science, we’ve put together a blade that is a worthy successor to the original Handi Disc Flexible Abrasive Wheel. The Handi Disc Deux can tackle a host of material removal operations. Just like the original Handi Disc, it cuts, sands, and grinds several materials including metal, masonry, plastic, stone, and more! But the new HDII is a rigid 4.5″ diameter coated 18 gauge steel blade that’s designed to fit on an angle grinder. The proprietary abrasive mix, which includes two ounces of synthetic diamond, is adhered to the blade in a unique pattern designed for optimum wear – without the use of water! The HDII is an awesome addition to your tool box whether you’re a farmer, contractor, plumber, electrician, auto or motorcycle enthusiast, or a DIY’ing homeowner.